Adventures in Art Camp

3 Camps!  June 19 - June 22 / July 10 - July 13 / July 31 - August 3
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Finally an Art Camp taught by award-winning, certified instructors of the Robert Garden School of Art, who specialize in teaching fine art and creative thinking to youth. In these all new, 4-day art camps your artist will complete 8 different works using more than 5 mediums. You will be proud to display your artist's masterpieces including landscapes, seascapes, animals, and floral pieces. Students will learn to paint with heavy and light acrylics and watercolors. They will learn techniques to draw with pencils, charcoals, and oil pastels while learning time-saving methods, color mixing, composition and perspective. ***Don't forget to bring paper towels, a snack, and wear old t-shirt.





Radio Camp: KEOM

June 26 - June 29 / Ages 9 to 11

July 24 - July 27 / Ages 12 to 15

Step into a real radio station for a live preview of what professionals can do with skills in the broadcast field. Experience on-air studio action and hands-on recording. Learn the values of critiquing performances. Edit audio, layer sound effects or music with your voice, and lots more. Engage in opportunities to create jingles, sweepers, and promos. Campers may be selected to perform live on-air! Leave with an audio-portfolio of work and basic knowledge of radio production.

Back to Radio Camp: KEOM

July 31 - August 3

KEOM is happy to welcome back campers from the previous year. Come re-experience on-air studio action and hands-on recording. Practice the values of critiquing performances. Edit audio, layer sound effects or music with your voice, and lots more. You will again have opportunities to create, jingles, sweepers and promos. Campers may be selected to perform live on-air! Leave with even more knowledge of radio broadcast and production plus an audio-portfolio of work.



Video Production Camp

July 17 - July 19

Lights! Camera! Action! Learn elements of video production, including pre-production planning, camera work, editing, and special effects. The camp will cover basic video techniques such as shot composition, angle and position, writing for television and film, working on personality for voice overs and on-screen talent, and editing video in Adobe Premiere.







Lil' Chefs Culinary Camp

July 24 - July 27

Campers will learn the basics of baking pastries and breads from start to finish. Participants will bring home their yummy work for the day.
Your little chef will learn how to make a variety of cookies, fresh cinnamon rolls, pizza dough and cupcakes.




Flip Flop Fun

June 5 - June 8

Show your flip-flop flair this summer! Join us for a 4-day crafting camp where you will create multiple pairs of funky flip flops, customized and personalized to your liking. There will be numerous flip-flop projects to choose from. Don't miss out on the flip-flop fun!








Camp Sew-it-All

June 12 - June 15

Learn to sew! In this camp students will make pajama bottoms, a pillow case, and an over night bag. They will learn basic operation of a sewing machine, how to create a pattern and follow a pattern.

Quilt Camp: Row by Row

July 10 - July 13

In this camp you will create a quilt made up of 4 rows. Campers, you will learn to quilt as you go, piecing your quilt together, row-by-row. Throughout this 4-day camp, you will create and complete a beautiful throw size quilt of your very own.






Eco Art

June 19 - June 22

Learn to incorporate art with nature in this fun and functional camp. Campers will create paint brushes from various natural sources and objects. You will create paintings that you will proud to display along with several other projects and creations made from reducing, reusing, and recycling! Whether its vegetable stamping, leaf-pressing, or zentangle rocks, the possibiliteis are endless when it comes to Eco Art!












Trash to Treasure

June 26 - June 29

In this camp students will take everyday items that some may call “trash” and turn them into brilliant works of art or functioning masterpieces.
Transform 2 liter bottles into birdhouses, incorporate slices of toilet paper rolls into an interesting mixed media art piece, manipulate egg cartons into a wreath of colorful flowers… the possibilities are endless. Just bring your imagination!









Drama Kids: Broadway Bound!

July 24 - July 28 at The


orner Theater (on the square in downtown Mesquite).

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5...6...7...8... Put on your dancing shoes and warm up your Broadway voices because the spotlight is ready for YOU! BROADWAY BOUND is setting the stage for kids ages 8 to 16 who are ready to be a triple threat. We combine acting, singing, and dancing in this fun five-day camp.

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